Friday, April 8, 2011

It may be time for some yard work

Its been a few weeks since my last post but I have always felt that if I dont have anything to share, I was not going to force it. I like to wait for the post topics to come to me. This next post was actually inspired by a little project I took on this week to landscape my house. I spent a pretty penny and put in a ton of manual labor to get my house looking fresh. Before I started, I knew it was something I needed to do but I was not so excited about the idea. As I started working I actually started enjoying it and had a lot of fun. So what is the point? The point has nothing to do with my new hobby per say but it has to do with the simple idea that often times we are always wanting more and more, newer, nicer, bigger and when we actually take the time to look, we might see that we already have plenty.

As I started digging holes, planting all sorts of things, spreading mulch and watering I realized that I already have an amazing home, in fact I am lucky to have a home at all. It hit me that rather than always trying to get more, I need to focus on what I already have. Spend some time maintaining, upgrading, or even better, enjoying what is already available to me. I definitely forgot how awesome my house is, and how great the landscaping can be with a little love. This is why I bought the home almost 5 years ago yet in the midst of everything going on, it was like my focus was elsewhere and I was not appreciating.

I really feel that we do this in all aspects of our lives. We want more, desire for something else, just because we don't have it and we often fail to appreciate and maintain what we already have. I am very lucky to be able to live in Austin, Texas and even luckier to live where I do. Yes I work very hard for that, but I am fully aware that it is a blessing from God to be where I am. That being said, I also have a desire for success and its hard because in my business we are constantly exposed to incredible homes and its easy to desire for something more.

Does this idea or situation apply to a relationship you have? How about your job? Do you find yourself wishing you were working somewhere else so much so that you are not putting in good effort into your existing job? Maybe the things you have in your life are plenty but you are not able to fully realize the benefits and the importance because you have not spent the time and effort necessary for them to fully reach their potential.

In my case, spending more time on what I already had actually gave me some serious enjoyment to the point that I have a new hobby. You see I had no idea that yard work could be so enjoyable. It was also fun because I made two new friends at Home Depot that helped me pick out the plants I needed. It was only until I focused on what I have and spent time with it, that I realized just what I have.

Does your yard need some water?

***I know that everything that I consider mine, is not really mine and all belongs to God's Kingdom but you get the point

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