Monday, December 14, 2009

Focus Focus Focus!

With so many things going on in life, we must stay focused on our tasks at hand in order to get things accomplished! Keeping our eyes secure on our goals and priorities is the key to success. The Holiday season brings with it, excitement and chaos and it is very important that we do not get side tracked.

In my business, this time of the year is a time to plan and gear up for what’s to come in the New Year. It’s a time, to clean house, to get organized and prepared for 2010! That being said, it has been so hard for me to focus on that plan because it seems as though there is so much to do, and it can be so overwhelming. Add to that, Christmas parties, gifts, and current work and responsibilities and all of the sudden I feel trapped and unable to accomplish anything.

Staying focused, with a sharp attention to our priorities is crucial. This may be a good time to make a list. Prioritize tasks, life, all of the things that are important and start tackling them one at a time. In the last few days I have heard many people say "I’m going to get everything taken care of next week before the holiday". This truly is a great time to get things done but it seems as though we are constantly putting things off until a later date because we feel that miraculously we are going to get "less busy". The truth is that we live busy lives, we have a lot going on, and there are a million and one distractions to take us away from the things most important. We must stay focused in order to successfully accomplish those priorities.

Now of course, in my life, it is always so easy to directly relate everything to my work and my job. But this focus is not only about our work or our career. This focus is important for all aspects of our lives including relationships, jobs, family, faith, health, etc. Don't "blow your diet" because it is the holidays or slack at work because you are thinking about what Santa will bring. The time is now to get focused and get things accomplished and taken care of. Finish this year on the right note to set the tempo for 2010!