Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's resolution or a Priority?

According to USA.gov and many other websites, health and fitness make the top ten or top five list for most common New Year's resolutions. Why is it then that almost 75% of our Adult population is overweight or obese?

Is it because we are a worthless people that cannot take care of ourselves or is it because all we do is talk about getting in shape but we never really commit to the idea. For many years, there has been so much talk about rising health care costs yet we would rather complain about the associated results instead of taking a stand and getting in shape! Did you know that in 2008, obesity cost our country $147 billion and is expected to increase to $344 billion by 2018? (USA Today) The United States spends about $1.8 trillion a year in medical costs associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and all three are linked to obesity. (USA Today)

We love talking about the bank bailout and the tax implications, but what about the "lazy people bailout"?

Fitness should not be a "New Year's resolution"! Fitness should be a priority! This is your health, your body, your well being, your image, your future! Fitness is something that every person in the world should make a priority, without hesitation!

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

We all know that "getting in shape" is not easy and takes actual "effort". It takes discipline and commitment and a desire to improve. It takes dedication and sacrifice and of course time! But what we fail to remember is that it also creates energy, builds confidence, improves health, increases lifespan and makes us feel great about ourselves.

Stop talking about it and make it a PRIORITY!

~Gone runnin'

Monday, December 27, 2010

365 days of Christmas

This holiday season was the best Christmas I have ever experienced. It was great to spend quality time with my family and there was a unforgettable spirit present at all times! It was a time of giving, sharing, laughing and loving. But why is it that we only experience this at Christmas, only one time per year?

What would the world be like if we had Christmas all year around? What if everyone was in the giving spirit, spending quality time with friends and family, laughing and loving on each of the 365 days? Is it possible to continue this spirit into 2011 and maintain it throughout the year?

I have very high expectations for 2011, personally, spiritually, and for my career. Why not add this to my list of priorities? I am not talking about keeping my house or office decorated with Christmas trees and lights, or buying a ton of presents for others. What I am talking about is the attitude and spirit of Christmas. This is what makes Christmas so special!

I am going to make it a priority to bring the great qualities and experiences associated with Christmas to my everyday life. I challenge myself to give more to the people around me, to spend more time with my family and the people important in my life, to take more days off of work and lay around the house watching movies and eating good food, to express how much the people I work with mean to me, and of course to remember that Jesus gave his life for us!
Christmas is such an amazing season and to not extend it through the other 364 days of the year would be a mistake.

But wait, there is more.....I need your help! Think about the lights on a Christmas tree. Each light is not so big, not so bright and not so powerful. However when you look at a Christmas tree full of these little lights it creates a bright and magical spectacle that will light up any room. Individually we can only produce a small amount of light, but together we will glow!

Christmas is not over!

~Happy Holidays


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hold someone's hand!

This post is inspired by the Michael Jackson song, "Hold my Hand" featuring Akon.

It reminded me of all the millions of people out there struggling this holiday season. The holiday season, while it may be happy for alot of people, is also a very sad time for many. This is a time when people need each other! This is a time when the smallest and simplest things can make the biggest difference in someone's life.

To often, I personally take family and friends for granted. I have been blessed to have such a great family, much less a family at all. It never crosses my mind to spend a Christmas alone without my family. There a so many people out there that have nothing; no family, no friends, no warm bed to sleep in. So many are struggling, in need of a friend or companion to help them through this tough time. What can you and I do this holiday season to make a difference in someone's life?

I challenge everyone that reads this blog to do some thinking about what small things you can do to help someone in need. With such little effort or sacrifice we can make someone feel special. The world needs you and I and I believe that it is our duty, as human beings, to do anything we can to help others around us. Life is way too short and there is no reason that anyone should be upset, sad or depressed during such a wonderful holiday.

This holiday season, grab someone's hand. Hold it tight.....real tight, and let them know that they are cared for! You and I can and will make a difference.

Hold my Hand- Michael Jackson feat. Akon

And if its you reading this that's struggling....Hold my hand. I got you

Spreadin' a little love!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't hold anything back....tell em how you feel!

A great friend of mine and I had a great conversation last night that inspired this blog post. "Dont hold back..tell em how you feel!"

Life is too short, or for some maybe its too long, but the truth is that you never know when your last opportunity will be to tell someone you care about, just how you feel. Each day we are overwhelmed with emotions and feelings having to do with our relationships; relationships with friends, family and loved ones. These emotions, while they can be positive or negative, are emotions that, more times than not, need to be shared. Why keep these feelings hidden? Why not tell em how you feel?

I think people are sometimes afraid to speak their true feelings because of a reaction they may receive. Fear of rejection, conflict and embarassment are all difficult to overcome. If someone is important enough to be in your life, aren't they important enough to know what you think about them and how you feel? Your next opportunity could be your last. This doesnt mean someone has to die, although it can mean that, but it could simply be a miscommunication that leads to the disconnect; a desperate friend headed down the wrong path, a girl or boy that never knew you liked him or her, or a parent with whom you have some bad blood that was never reconciled.

You may get shot down, you may get in an argument or fight. However, you may say the exact thing that person was hoping or wishing you would say. You may start a lifelong friendship with someone that will be instrumental in your life and that needs you to return the favor. You may let someone know, for the first time, that you care, at the last possible opportunity. You may say the perfect thing at the perfect time and make someone's day, month, year or life!

I challenge all (including myself) to make an effort to get over your fears, be the bigger person, step up to the plate, and speak your mind and heart. Don't hold anything back and tell em how you feel!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~William Arthur Ward


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why would you NOT......

Why would you not try and be the best that you can be? Why would you not focus on being a better person, a better friend, a better co worker, a better leader? Why would you not try to help more people, to give a little more? Why would you not try and change someones life, or maybe your own, for the better? Why would you not be the best employee you can be, give everything you can offer to your company or your boss?

Why would you not try that new thing, go out on a limb? Why would you not tell him or her how you feel? Why would you not say thank you for that kind deed? Why would you not try and be in better shape, eat healthier, run farther, run faster........invite a friend to run?

Why would you not spend more time with your family? Why would you not stay the extra hour, push a little harder, dig a little deeper? Why would you not expect more from yourself, ask yourself the tough questions, or work to find solutions to your problems? Why would you not make that tough call, admit your wrong, or tell them how much they mean to you? Why would you not work every single day of your life to contribute to society and attempt to make this world a better place for someone else including yourself?

Why would you not read this post and think to yourself "Why would I not...."?

Bringin' it-