Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't hold anything back....tell em how you feel!

A great friend of mine and I had a great conversation last night that inspired this blog post. "Dont hold back..tell em how you feel!"

Life is too short, or for some maybe its too long, but the truth is that you never know when your last opportunity will be to tell someone you care about, just how you feel. Each day we are overwhelmed with emotions and feelings having to do with our relationships; relationships with friends, family and loved ones. These emotions, while they can be positive or negative, are emotions that, more times than not, need to be shared. Why keep these feelings hidden? Why not tell em how you feel?

I think people are sometimes afraid to speak their true feelings because of a reaction they may receive. Fear of rejection, conflict and embarassment are all difficult to overcome. If someone is important enough to be in your life, aren't they important enough to know what you think about them and how you feel? Your next opportunity could be your last. This doesnt mean someone has to die, although it can mean that, but it could simply be a miscommunication that leads to the disconnect; a desperate friend headed down the wrong path, a girl or boy that never knew you liked him or her, or a parent with whom you have some bad blood that was never reconciled.

You may get shot down, you may get in an argument or fight. However, you may say the exact thing that person was hoping or wishing you would say. You may start a lifelong friendship with someone that will be instrumental in your life and that needs you to return the favor. You may let someone know, for the first time, that you care, at the last possible opportunity. You may say the perfect thing at the perfect time and make someone's day, month, year or life!

I challenge all (including myself) to make an effort to get over your fears, be the bigger person, step up to the plate, and speak your mind and heart. Don't hold anything back and tell em how you feel!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~William Arthur Ward



  1. I love this post! Great blog Eric!!!! So very true.

  2. Life is too short. There are many things that I wish I could have said to my dad and many things I wish I could say to people now. But telling someone how you feel only works when that person is willing to listen. In most cases, at least for me, saying what I feel is a huge relief but at the same time there is an empty feeling when that person doesn't care or makes you feel stupid.

  3. Great point, but you can only control your actions so you have to do what you can and hope they do listen.

  4. Put another way, nothing ventured nothing gained.