Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking a step back

So as I am sitting in the plane, headed out of the country for a much needed sabbatical, I could not think of a more appropriate blog post. Over the next few days I will be taking a step back from it all and visiting my "tied for first" favorite place in the world! : )

With so much going on in my life, each day is filled to the top with a million things I feel like I need to get done. It's so easy for me to get caught up in the craziness. Often times I fail to realize that I am so caught up in my own busy life that I never stop and take a look at it all from the outside. Each new idea at work piles on to the list and it becomes ever so difficult to give deep thought to my priorities and to develop my plans and strategies further. My passion for my work doesn't really help with it all.

When I planned this trip I really put very little thought into it and simply bought a plane ticket a few month's back. Up until the beginning of this week it hadn't really hit me that I was getting this time away from my every day life. As the trip got closer and closer I could really see how much I was craving this time to myself; time away from the daily routine. This is going to be a time of reflection as well as a time to plan for what's to come. I feel like a little kid because I am so excited and I don't really know what I am excited about because I don't have any plans or places to be; maybe it's just that I am excited about.

I truly believe that it is so important to take a step back from everything and just have a good look from the outside. For me, the place I go to retreat is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a place with the perfect environment because my cell phone dos not work which means communication with the outside world is limited. The environment is beautiful, peaceful and full of life. This where and how I recharge my battery. I plan to work out really hard, get some great sleep, do a ton of reading and really dig deep into my current ideas and thoughts about faith, work, and life in general. I will come back with new ideas and a plan of attack!

So don't "try and find the time" but rather MAKE time to take a step back from it all and get your mind right.


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