Wednesday, March 2, 2011


You may have seen me using "#boom" quite a bit lately. Its a wonderful expression so I thought I would write a little something on what #boom means and some good examples of when "#boom" can and should be used!

"#boom" is an expression I use to signify a super awesome or exciting moment. It is an expression of passion, an expression of enthusiasm, something that I say when great things are happening. The "#" sign is a hashtag which is used to create groupings on twitter or tag tweets. I use "#boom" to tag awesomeness.

Here are some good examples of times when I use "#boom"

-When I walk out of church on a beautiful Sunday with a smile on my face because God met me right where I am and stirred something in my heart. #boom

-When I get a call from a potential client that is excited to work with our team. #boom

-When I finish a long run on a Saturday morning by 8am and know that I have the rest of the day ahead of me. #boom

-When one of my real estate agents does 11 deals in 1 month while being a full time student. #boom

-When I work really hard for something and it pays off. #boom

-When an offer gets accepted for my buyer and they are so excited about their new home. #boom

-When I invite a friend to church and on the way out I can tell by the smile on their face that they are so glad they attended. #boom

-When I wake up for another morning and realize that I get to live another day in Austin, Texas. #boom

As you can see #boom can be used in so many different instances. Please add "#boom" to your vocabulary and use it when appropriate. How do you know when to use "#boom"? You will just feel it, trust me!

Please leave a comment and share an instance when a "#boom" is appropriate

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