Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Great believe they are Great

The other day I was having a good conversation with some friends about professional boxers and fighters and whether or not they think there is a possibility of losing a fight when they step into the ring. Many people are often saying how "cocky" these guys are and how they think they are so good. But realistically speaking, could someone even enter a ring for a fight without honestly believing they will win?

If a fighter entered a ring with doubt, with the thought of losing on his mind, losing would be inevitable. The fighter would be thinking about how he could lose or the move or punch that would knock him out. This would take away from thoughts of how he can win, be effective and ways to out perform the opponent.

As I started thinking more and more about this I really started seeing how in order to be the best, you must think you are the best or that you are close to becoming the best. Now there are many people that think they are the best and are not the best, but it is this mentality that allows them to perform to the best of their ability. This confidence is what makes these premier competitors who they are. Would you want the guy that doubted his ability to win, to be leading your team?

“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.” ~Robert Collier

Now one thing I must also point out is that there is a big difference in thinking you are the best and thinking why you are the best. Some people believe they are the best because they just are the best while others believe they are the best because of their work ethic and still others believe they were given talents and abilities by God. So being confident in your abilities does not necessarily mean that you are taking any or all of the credit. In fact look at Colt McCoy or Tim Tibaut. These guys are premier athletes that of course believe they are great but they also give all of the glory to God for their successes and failures.

Now just because you are great or maybe even "the best" does not mean you cannot fail or lose. It is my belief that the outcomes are determined by God and his plan and often times he takes away the things we want so bad (like victory) to teach us and others important lessons or to draw us closer to him. Colt McCoy and Tim Tibaut are able to cope with losses because they attribute it to God and his plan and while it does not always go how they desire, they are true believers in his ways.

In order to be the best you must think you are the best but you should also be aware that you can lose. It is the awareness that keeps you focused on the goal and prevents one from becoming overconfident and being defeated by one's own self. And don't ever lose site of why you are the best and where it came from!

Bein' real

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