Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Execution

Yesterday I was a part of the Xplode Real Estate Technology conference in Austin, Texas. The event was a huge success as over 300 agents learned from some of the brightest in the industry about how to boost their business using technology. While listening to the speakers and then gauging crowd response I could see that what was being taught was really hitting home with these real estate professionals. Everyone there knew that change was needed to stay competitive and succeed. As these eager learners were furiously taking notes on their iPads and laptops it was evident that a lot of work was ahead.

As I was sitting their witnessing these "light bulb" moments, I really started thinking about how the key element to everything that was being taught was execution. Execution is the hardest part of any new idea or thought and it's often the part that keeps us from being successful.

It happens all the time in our every day lives. We know we need change yet its so easy to remain idol and stick with what's comfortable. When we are thinking about these new ideas and changes, we get so fired up and excited. However when we are back in our own "real world" without a passionate friend or speaker making it seem so easy and right, we lose focus and end up never pursuing the change.

When we know we need to make changes, the biggest mistake we can make is to not make a change. When you know you need change, and you know what it is you need to change you must act on it as soon as possible. Nothing will change without the initiative and without this initiative you are just wasting time. Every second that you continue in your "old ways" you are giving up on opportunity as well as letting others catch you or even pass you up. This earthly life we live is very short and our scarce resource is time. So to waste that time is a huge mistake.

Execution takes effort and focus. It takes determination and drive and a vision beyond that which is obvious and right in front of you. Must people cannot execute which is why there are very few that are great and successful. But if you want to be successful then you need to focus on execution.

Sometimes execution is a slow and small task with meaningful and purposeful changes and yet other times it could mean drastic and immediate change. And while each situation is different, execution will always be the necessary theme.

There are so many different life applications that this post relates to. It does not matter if it is your career, your lifestyle, your faith, your relationships, your health or the type of shampoo you use, execution is key!

You and I can continue in our old ways or we can commit, right now, to executing what we know we should execute. Do not let the reason you don't get to where you want to be, be because you did not do what you knew you should have done. In other words, don't let lack of execution be your execution.

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