Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seek when you are not weak!

This last week has been a tough one for me. There have been some issues I have been dealing with that have really stressed me out, and others that have upset me; nothing crazy just life! I found myself down and wanted so badly to get my "Mojo" back. In the midst of all of this hecticness I sat down and went straight to his word for some guidance. As always, I was amazed at how God comes to me at the exact place that I am in my life and meets me there with words that could not be more appropriate. I have been using free Bible app to guide me through the word which means each passage I read is random. However, this message I read could not have been more applicable and appropriate for what I was going through right now. Here is what I learned:

"Our weakness can be our greatest strength if it causes us to humbly call out to God for his mercy"

This is an amazing quote because it shows me that it is during times of weakness that we most often turn to the Lord for advice and guidance. So while things may seem terrible, God is simply using this to get closer to us and if these weaknesses are the reason we seek out God, then they are actually our greatest strengths. God uses trials and tribulations as a way to know us more and for us to know him more. More importantly it is through him that this hurt will be healed. This quote and passage gave me an incredible peace at the exact moment I needed it and really hit home.

I feel that we hate to hear or find it hard to understand how such a loving God and all powerful God would ever want us to suffer. We ask questions like "If he is so all powerful then why would he need to use pain to get our attention?" or "Why would God ever want us to suffer or hurt?".

As I thought more and more about this question I realized that this question is so selfish. Instead of asking the above questions, why not ask ourselves why we do not seek God when things are good? If we, as humans, would seek God all the time, good or bad, he would not have to use hurt and pain to get us closer to him.

We should not only seek God during good times, we should constantly be thanking him on our best days, when we close a big deal, when we meet a special person, when we finish a long run and each day when we wake to see another day. Do you want to be like that "friend" that only calls when they need something, to God? I know I don't!

So seek him always! He loves you and wants to know you more. He wants to be with you, buy your side, through thick and thin, to heal your troubles and celebrate life with you! Seek when you are not weak!

-Bloggin to beats