Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Game Changer"?

Coach, in high school, used to always talk about that one play that would determine the outcome of the game; the fumble or recovery, missed block or blocked field goal, kickoff return for a touchdown or the tackle on the one yard line that changes the game.

Last week, while in NYC for the Inman Real Estate Connect, I had a great realization about how every person you meet could be someone that changes your life forever. These encounters could be a future spouse, a person that gives your business the needed boost, a client, a business partner, or a lifelong friend.

Today in church the sermon was about how when we struggle with tough times and adversity in life, we tend to think only about ourselves and want nothing more than for us to get the break we need. However, the Lord tells us that, during these tough moments we should actually lay our troubles aside and reach out and connect with others, desire for their peace over our own. This reminded me that what is more important than experiencing a game changing moment in my life, is if someone else would experience a game changing moment in their life. You never know if the next person you meet is someone that needs you.

Could you help someone boost their business, meet an important contact, have an open ear for them to talk to, a soft shoulder for them to cry on, or the words of wisdom that change their game, forever!

Who knows, you just might change each other's game!

Talkin' real-



  1. Wow Eric, those are some great words of wisdom. As a matter of fact I think you just helped me get the inspiration I needed to boost my business. Thanks man. Great writer. I will continue to read your blog. Keep up the great work.
    Erik Saul

  2. @Erik: Thanks for the comments. However I cannot take the credit and must give it all to the man upstairs. He is working through me to reach you! Hope all is well and thanks so much for the support. Have a great day and yes, Go and boost that business!