Sunday, November 21, 2010

Persist to achieve! defines persist as "to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, esp. in spite of opposition, remonstrance, etc."

We are always trying new things, new adventures, new journeys and new paths in our every day lives. We make these decisions because we yearn for new things or see the change as a necessary step in accomplishing our desired goals. However, very few things come easy and without adversity, without challenge and obstacles that we must overcome to reach the desired destination. When these challenges or speed bumps arise it's persistence that allows us to continue on the desired path.

“The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come"
~James Whitcomb Whiley

When the decision is made to make these so called changes or to pursue a dream we often are unable to see into the future and predict the objections we will receive. However it is persistence that keeps us on track and moving in that right direction. Do not let the present circumstances deter you from your path but use persistence to endure through the tough times and stay on course.

Persistence, to me, means sticking with it. Rather than looking at challenges and obstacles as a reason to stray, see these as opportunities to persist and provide even more of a reason to continue. These obstacles should be seen as markers or reference points to let you know you are moving in the right direction. Hopefully the decisions you made and the places you want to go are ones that require change and require giving up certain things to obtain something better. If this is the case then obviously you will leave your comfort zone and stare the unknown in the eyes to move towards this "better place" for which you desire. That means that to get there, difficultly and challenge must be present, otherwise you would already be at this destination or wouldn't be interested in getting there.

Whether you are doubting your hard work or looking to improve your personal life, embrace persistence and use it as a tool to reach your desired outcomes. You made the decision to take the journey now persist and stay on course because if you fail to persist you will fail to achieve.

Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
~William Eardley

Super Sunday!

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